Welcome to the DeFi Metaverse of fair betting and NFT!

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Fenum is a revolutionary new community-owned Ecosystem with a phenomenal level of clarity and endless possibilities to earn money

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Problems of the market

icon No more
Fraud with casino parties
icon No more
Mistrust from players
icon No more
Unfair play or impact on outcome

Our benefits & advantages

Player vs Player
Every player can win, as the participants play against each other, not the system
Fair play
The most modern random number generator is used in the game, which eliminates any chances of scam and fraud from both sides: players and system
Fair model of bonuses for players, based on jackpots and ratings, providing additional ways to earn money
Unique logic
Absolutely new way and the concept of gambling in which every player can become a winner
Ecosystem scalability
Lots of options for earning from the scratch. Gaming modes with different settings and rules with endless scaling possibilities
Referral system
Ability to have an additional income for every user who joins the game using your code

Now, how does our
game work?

1 You find a room
2 Pick a number and make a bet
Guess the number in the room or be closer to get it among the rivals
3 Win $$$
Sounds easy? Well, it is :)


Q3 / Q4 2021

  • Website launch
  • TGE
  • Presale
  • Public sale
  • Pancakeswap listing

Q3 / Q4 2021

  • Gaming platform launch
  • 2 games modes activation
  • Audit of smart contracts
  • Staking & farming launch

Q4 2021

  • Prediction markets platform v 1.0 release
  • Sports betting Sports betting
    Politics Politics
    Entertainment Entertainment
    Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies
    And many more topics to bet on And many more topics to bet on...

Q4 2021

  • New 2-3 game modes
  • NFT program launch
  • Tier 1-2 exchange listing

Q1 2022

  • Governance & community voting
  • 2-3 new game modes
  • Personal modes + rewards launch

Q2 2022

  • Burn mechanism activation
  • Tier 1-2 exchange listing
  • Bonus rewards pool activation
  • Additional game modes
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3 650 000 FNM

Initial circulation supply

48 000 000 FNM

Total circulation supply
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Token utility

1 token = 2 platforms

The Fenum’s goal is to become premier Player of the gaming industry. Fenum ($FNM) is a decentralised utility token serving as the main currency in the Fenum ecosystem (which includes 2 platforms).


$FNM can be used to place bets on both platforms and enter challenges, as reward points + bonuses, and can be traded for fiat and other cryptocurrencies via partnered exchanges


All events and bets on both Fenum platforms pay a fee. That fee goes to rewards pools to be shared and won by the most active users on platforms

Token utility

Yield Farming

Fenum offers different pools for staking & farming. Plus all activity taking place on the platforms will offer rewards to stakers and farmers of $FNM, including bonuses, jackpots, campaigns, special pools etc

Gamification + NFT

At Fenum we have multiple revenue-generating token model. Achieving higher and higher tiers of earned $FNM will unlock exclusive NFTs, access to private events, and special features with bigger rewards


Fenum governance model is harbinger of ultimate decentralization. No one feels left behind or without a voice at Fenum ecosystem. Collecting $FNM tokens will allow our users to bring changes to the future improvements of the platforms

Strategic partners & investors

N3RDz Capital

Sneak peak of the platform

Home page screen
Home page screen
Home page screen

Game lobby

Choose a room that perfectly fits your requirements
We have a lot of additional surprises and milestones during the show, so stay tuned for updates on our social media

News and updates

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Backend dev


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Support manager


Community manager

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for winnings to hit my account?

Money which you won is transferred onto your balance automatically after the end of the game

What is the commission paid for?

From every game, the commission of 10% is charged for holding it. A part of it goes to the organizers of the platform and a bigger part towards various jackpots

How not to miss weekly, monthly, or early jackpot?

In accordance with the rating, Fenum users can participate in jackpots. In order to take part, the player has to go to the suitable room and buy a “chance”. You can buy as many chances as you want, it will increase your winning probability. Every “chance” will cost the player a certain amount of rating points. Every user’s “chance” is assigned a number. After confirming participation, the jackpot will be played at a set time (other than room jackpots which could be played at any time after reaching the minimum sum). The player does not have to be online during the jackpot draw. In case of a win, the user will receive an email notification and the best part – relatively significant balance increase!

How can I withdraw my winnings

Users can withdraw their earnings anytime from Fenum platform to any ERC20 wallet

Can I play against Fenum?

No. Fenum users are playing against other participants. P2P (person to person) is the key concept of the game
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